Deans List semifinalist – Granite State District

District Chairman’s Award – Granite State District

District Finalist – North Shore District

Deans List Finalist – New England District Championship


2 Deans List semifinalists – Granite State District

District Chairman’s Award – North Shore District



Rookie All Star Award – W.P.I District Event

Rookie All Star Award – New England District Championship

Photo Apr 12, 6 18 14 PM

W.P.I  Judge Poem:

“This team sprang up with an amazing start,

And worked their way into many a sponsor’s heart.

From humble beginnings they made a great splash,

Being able to raise a boatload of cash.

Over half of the team is studying STEM, so

We judges and staff congratulate them.

The team is inspiring  others to play engineer,

Helping boy scouts, LEGO clubs, and anyone near.

They aim to march in parades and get on Public Access TV,

Which will definitely help FIRST, we can all agree.

For Rookie Inspiration, this team is a strong player,

The award goes to Team 4905,  from the Town Of Ayer”